leslie jones doesnt want trump in her netflix comedy special

Leslie Jones doesn’t want Trump to be part of Netflix Comedy special. Mean while

Victoria Beckham showed an advertisement of VVB in unique way. She shared her fashion sense with her fans. She preferred VVB as her favorite brand to wear.

She posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing her fashion goodies and posed in her ‘favourite knit’ from her eponymous brand called VVB on Saturday.

Victoria was looking adorable in the Instagram picture, she captioned the photo: “Friday night – my favourite VVB look with slouchy RTW VB boots! X kisses xx.”

Her fans loved her look in the VVB look.

Ninja, who is well known former Twitch streamer but now a Mixer streamer finally took the class of creators and influencers for are constantly shaming video games and encouraging rage culture. According to Ninja that culture needs to stop.

The modern video games industry is growing and becoming big. But still famous creators and influencers insult gaming culture and consider it a bad habit for young people.

It took a ton of efforts to make and design a game. According to Ninja those people needs to respect gaming.

Famous Makeup artist James Charles, who is also popular beauty YouTuber reacted to weird Google searches that People made about him. James Charles became famous after collaborating with Kylie Jenner. Recently he was making headlines with Tati Westbrook, their feud attracted media attention.

James Charles discovered that many people on the wed searched about his death on the web.

James Charles participated in Wired’s famous “celebrities react to the web’s most searched questions” video and reacted to Google’s most searched queries about him. Ironically most of the searches were related to James death.

James Charles responded in a funny way and considered those searches weird and hilarious.

Keira Maguire finally revealed her secrets. She revealed that she wanted to be a influencer and own a real estate agency. She also disclosed that she is thinking about it.

Recently she responded to a fan on Instagram and admitted that she wanted to become a real estate agent, which is not a bad deal for her.

The famous reality star wrote on Instagram: “I used to work in corporate sales for 10 years within the real estate industry”.

Keira has great plans for her life. We wish her good luck. 

Sophie Monk accidentally confirmed her engagement with boyfriend Joshua Gross. Sophie’s engagement rumors were on the rise and now it has become more clear that Sophie Monk is engaged to her boyfriend Joshua.

It is expected that Joshua have asked famous Love Island Australia for marriage. She showcased a beautiful engagement-esque ring in an Instagram video in which she was teaching make up to her female fans.

The couple are having a lot of on holiday season at  Club Med La Plantation d’Albion, which is located in Mauritius. 

Hildebrand, who is very entertaining and outspoken Studio 10 co-host, recently shared a hospital selfie to recall memories when he and his wife welcomed his third child back in September.

Joe Hildebrand also explained on Instagram that he would not date to have any more babies, after seeing such a adventures birth event. 

In the picture one can see Joe doing a peace sign and also wearing a gown, lying down in a hospital bed. Joe mentioned that he had enough now, three kids are enough.

The Australian larrikin recently started a vegan lifestyle and he is having good and healthy food. 

But his brother does not like it. Dave Hughes recently revealed that his brother believes vegan diet will ruin his life and it will affect Dave’s health.

The 49-year-old Dave Hughes revealed that his brother’s profession is totally opposite to veganism and his brother disliked vegan diet.

David Hughes also his struggle to adopt vegan deit. “We had an early Christmas the other day and my brother found out I was vegan,” Dave told The Project

“He works at a cheese factory, so he basically thinks i’m trying to ruin his life because I’m no longer eating cheese,’ Dave added.

‘I still eat a lot of salt. I love salt. i’ll never give up salt. Whenever I have chips, I put a massive pile of salt and I roll the chips in the salt like i’m making a lamington,’ he added. 

Casey Batchelor recently revealed that she is ‘so excited’ to see her baby girl. Casey is also excited to see her baby face and wondering how she will look. Casey is in her 35th week of pregnancy. Soon she will give birth to her baby girl.

The beautiful model is all set to become a mother again. She is pregnant with her fiancé Dane Goodson and expecting a baby. The couple is very excited for the baby.

The famous TV personality is already a mother of 19-month-old Florence. Casey took a beautiful baby bump snap in her grey pyjama bottoms and sports bra. She added a lengthy caption on the photo and revealed her future plans for her upcoming baby girl.

Casey is a famous model.

Australian Idol winner Stan Walker sent a touchy and inspirational message to his fans. The singer revealed that he has to remove his stomach due to cancer back in 2017.

Since then his life totally changed. He had to face many difficulties and forced to like completely different life.

Recently Stan shared a very inspiring message that indicated Stan’s life has ‘gotten better’ after the cancer diagnosis.

He developed good habits in his life and adopted healthy lifestyle. Now he is leaving a good life.

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